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Wild West New Arrivals: http://wildwestguitars.com/products/new-arrivals Subscribe to our Newsletter: http://wildwestguitars.us8.list-manage2.com/subscribe?u=68d41c8ff9cfc4531bc244067u0026id=2b3449073e Email: info@wildwestguitars.com Phone: 951.369.7888 Wild West Guitar's Website: http://wildwestguitars.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wildwestguitars1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/wildwestguitars Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm Saturday 9:00am-5:00pm Location: 1546 7th Street Riverside, CA 92507 About Wild West Guitars: Welcome to Wild West Guitars: The ground-breaking, earth-shaking stronghold of aces-high custom six-string action. The Wild West - molten-hot and ready to rock - stone-cold delivers the latest, greatest, downright insane'est axes known to planet Earth. A Viral Sensation Rocking The Nation Since 1999, The Wild West began its trailblazing online guitar-selling rampage as the ultimate point-and-click quick-fix destination for the absolute best axes in the nation. Fast forward to 2014 and get your six-string guns. Ferocious Fender Custom Shop Action. Peak Paul Reed Smith Private Stock Performance. The unique Wild West whirlwind of trailblazing home-brew axes will shake your six-string foundation to the core. Wild West, the defiant bastion of trend-setting online guitar greatness, also offers the plushest digs to check out mind-blowing axes in an ultra-chill, laid-back environment. At The Wild West, you can hear yourself think. You'll receive assistance from a tight-knit, veteran crew who have decades of experience charting the course to find or build your ultimate dream axe. Walk the Hallowed Halls of The Wild West, or cruise the site and turn on to six-string nuggets galore: Legendary Fender USA and American Vintage Reissue series; Powerhouse PRS Core USA, Artist, Wood Library and Collection series; Stalwart Suhr Shred Machines; bone-crushing Charvel and head-cutting Jackson Custom Shop Killers, exquisitely-wicked Ernie Ball Music Man Monsters; gleamin' , steamin' Glendora-fied GJ2; the intergalactic Fanospheric mastery of Fano. It's all here - six-string guns blazin' - on The Dusty Plains of The Wild West. Shoot 'Em Up!
Wild West Guitars - PRS SC58 Purple Haze [HD] [Stereo]Wild West Guitars - PRS SC58 Purple Haze [HD] [Stereo]Wild West Guitars - PRS SC58 Purple Haze [HD] [Stereo]Wild West Guitars - PRS SC58 Purple Haze [HD] [Stereo]
Wild West Guitars - PRS SC58 Purple Haze [HD] [Stereo]